All in one computers

We recommend the world-renowned all-in-one quality Orderman computers.

In addition to looking fantastic, their size makes them the perfect choice for bars with limited space. All computers appear the same on the outside – they differ on the inside in their strength and equipment, depending on the model:


  • first step toward the high class of tested Orderman quality and support
  • perfect for basic, stand-alone registers, or less demanding networked systems
  • our expert for all
  • comes with the option to connect the Orderman base unit (antennas for hand terminals) directly through a special Orderman network
  • it's ready for more demanding network installations and for being part of a big system
  • high performance model with fast graphics
  • comes with an integrated Orderman Router Light device and therefore supports the connection of three Orderman base units simultaneously
  • ideal for building large networked systems with many hand terminals

Outstanding properties

Integrated contactless card reader

Every Columbus computer has an integrated card reader that can be used for the purpose of collecting points (loyalty customer cards) and the login of employees into the application (each employee has his own card).

The technology used to design the card reader ensures smooth operation protected from strong magnetic fields that might otherwise jeopardize the card reader, while at the same time prevents unauthorized access to data thus contributing to the safety of your information.

Due to the integrated card reader, Columbus computers make the ideal choice for all locations that require fast work (night clubs, restaurants, cafes).

  • card reader comes with every Columbus computer: Columbus 700R, Columbus 500 te Columbus 300
  • card reader works without the need for external units

High-quality touchscreen

Orderman Columbus is optimized for demanding commercial conditions. In addition to displaying high-quality color and high-contrast, the screen is touch-sensitive and water-resistant, which ensures long life without any problems.

  •  water-resistant
  • longevity of the touch-sensitive matrix
  • vivid colors and high screen contrast


Intelligent cable management increases reliability and simplifies installation and maintenance.

  • simple and easy installation and maintenance
  • flawless appearance

Unique design

Columbus computers are the best proof that the strength and beauty can come in one package: they are elegant and their timeless, compact design makes them a perfect fit into any style. Aluminium casing brings a high degree of stability and strength. Due to their small size they don’t take up a lot of valuable space in places where they are placed.

  • elegant, compact, timeless design
  • high quality and durability
  • small dimensions
  • fits easily into any environment

No moving cooling parts (fans)

Ordeman Columbus computers simply do not contain rotating parts: do not contain fans that besides being noisy, with time attract dust to the computer thus reducing its lifespan. This makes Columbus computers very reliable and gives them a longer lifespan. Due to a non-existent mechanical load, nothing can break down.

Cooling is completely passive: the background of the computer contains a large aluminum block that reliably takes away unwanted heat from the relevant parts of the computer.

  • no moving parts
  • unique cooling system
  • reliable and completely silent when operating

Solid state disk

Instead of an ordinary rotating hard drive, Columbus computers come equipped with the latest generation of SSD drives. SSD drives contain no moving parts, are much more resistant to mechanical shocks and much faster in their work, they consume less energy and do not produce any sounds..

  • SSD disk has a longer lifespan than conventional discs
  • fast and reliable storage
  • lower energy consumption and quieter operation

Warranty up to 6 years

Even in the basic package Columbus computers come with a 2-year warranty. Golden warranty covers absolutely all failures except for those intentionally caused. We will not only repair faulty computer and return them to full functionality, but will fully renovate them before delivery so even their appearance will keep pace with the performance. Warranty on order may be extended to six years. If you choose an advanced warranty package “Golden warranty”, we guarantee replacement with another device immediately on the spot: so your business does not suffer one bit.

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