Hand terminals for wireless billing system and orders

Friday night, all tables are taken – whoever finds a seat is lucky. Waiters don’t have time to serve everyone, orders get mixed up, people wait far too long, waiters have to run, customers are not satisfied…

With the ORDERMAN system, problems like these don’t exists!

The personnel is always with the customer, orders are sent to the kitchen or bar via radio link. There are no item codes and wrong orders, and everything is based on the touchscreen concept with entirely adaptable view. Extremely robust, ergonomically shaped, waterproof device with which you will increase table turnover, speed up your waiters, unburden the chef…

The general impression that your catering facility makes on a guest depends on many factors. Aside from the quality of the food and beverage and the courtesy of the staff, some of the most important ones are the speed of the waiter, the time it takes him to serve, while probably the most important factor is the time required to process payments. In the traditional work process, certain “black spots“ occur. After taking the order of the first table, the waiter holds on to it until he is finished taking the order from the second table, and sometimes even third or fourth. After that, it takes a while for the waiter to reach the chef/bartender and hand him several orders all at once. By introducing wireless orders, the first order is already being prepared while the waiter talks calmly with the next guest. This significantly shortens the time of serving. Also, the chef/bartender doesn’t receive orders for several tables all at once, but receives each order for each table separately.

What causes the greatest amount of agitation in guests after having completed consumption is the time they have to wait for the waiter to deliver the bill and charge them for the favor. This period involves no more consumption, and the table remains taken up to the point of payment. After the introduction of the ORDERMAN wireless order and payment system, these situations are practically eliminated or reduced to a minimum. Depending on the organization of your catering facility, the waiter is allowed to spend all his time with the guests taking orders and issuing bills in the shortest possible time for those guests that have finished consumption. This satisfies the guest and leaves your table open for new customers.


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