Our first 20 years

GASTROBIT d.o.o. is Croatia’s leading company in the production of professional solutions for tracking merchandise management in catering and hotel industry. Highly specialized in the business, keeping pace with technological development, listening to the demands of the market and constantly investing in our own development over years of business and market survival, today, after 20 years of business, we are able to solve every user demand to mutual satisfaction.
We started in the last century, back in 1994, under the name TOMISLAV 1994 Ltd. and with only 2 employees. In the beginning we only dealt with trade and cash register service, in the time of »Smart« POS devices, and we developed applications for transferring data to computers. As market demands were increasing, we estimated that these devices would not be able to fulfill all user demands and in order to eliminate limitations of these devices, we have, at the same time, started with the development of our own applications for catering and retail facilities. In the specific demands of catering facilities that we have equipped with our applications, we have recognized a new challenge and have therefore directed further development of applications toward the service industry, while moving away from classic registers and retail.
After Croatia introduced VAT, we completely focused on our own applications for the service industry, found a quality supplier of equipment designed to meet all the singularities of the service industry, and here began our cooperation with the Austrian company ORDERMAN® whose GOLD PARTNERS in Croatia we have remained to this day. We then began developing a distribution network all over Croatia.
We pay special attention to the development of our applications. Over the years, we have worked toward developing user friendly applications which would simultaneously provide the user with as much useful information as possible and assist them in their work. We constantly grew, increasing the number of our users and employees while systematically upgrading our applications in accordance with the demands of the service industry.
In the spring of 2012, we opened our own office in Solin which covers sale and customer service for caterers throughout Dalmatia, while in 2013 we further increased the number of our employees with the acquisition of our rival company MICROGRAMM Ltd.

After 20 years of business as TOMISLAV 1994 Ltd. and the last year’s acquisition of MICROGRAMM Ltd., as a celebration of our business anniversary, we have decided to unite the two companies under the name GASTROBIT. GASTRO, according to the handbook of the Croatian language, primarily refers to food, that is, gastronomy, while BIT has several meanings:

  • the word originated as an abbreviation of “binary digit“
  • according to handbooks, it primarily indicates the BIT as the basic unit for the amount of information in a digital system
  • finally, BIT (eng. essence, lat. essentia) is a main and inseparable feature, that which holds the biggest importance in something and its basic definition, the totality of its main characteristics, its importance, that which is true and real, which never changes and always remains invariable.

By connecting these two words we have actually identified what we have been doing for whole 20 years. Our catering applications, known as »SMART SOLUTIONS« offer you a vast amount of data relevant for the business of you catering facility. We have gained a recognizable image on the market through quality work and through our relationship with our customers, and by constantly presenting ourselves to the public as well as through marketing and appearances at various fairs and events.


Thanks to our relationship with our users, as well as with you who have recognized our quality, today we can boast with over 7000 applications installed all over Croatia.

Our own helpdesk and a mobile customer service are available to all our users throughout work hours, and with a special maintenance contract it is possible for you to use our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.