Smart solutions

SmartPOS, SmartOffice, SmartOrder, SmartHotel, SmartMobile… All these names together make the SmartSolutions brand: a collection of smart applications that will help you ease the sometimes exhausting catering lifestyle.

The application will entirely follow your work: from taking orders right at the table through hand terminals (SmartOrder), processing the orders in the kitchen (SmartCook), issuing of invoices at the register (SmartPOS), distance register control and employee control (SmartMobile) to data processing, business analytics, report generation and management of the entire business process (SmartOffice).

Addition to the SmartSolutions family, SmartHotel – aside from monitoring the status of your reservations and room, will also check your guests into the tourist board and monitor what they consume in order to calculate their expenses on departure.

All this, together with the Smart customer support available 24/7 – 365 days a year, constitutes an exceptional service package, unique and recognized on the Croatian market.

We have the solution to everything – the SmartSolution!

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