SmartORDER is an application designed to connect ORDERMAN ® wireless terminals in the SmartSolutions system. It is mostly applied to catering facilities with higher work frequency or with a terrace that is separated from the bar or kitchen. It is almost entirely possible to transfer the functionality of SmartPOS application to the ORDERMAN wireless terminal. Using SmartORDER and ORDERMAN system, your waiters will be quicker in serving, misunderstandings when ordering will be eliminated, the bartender or the chef can be unburdened, and just like in the SmartPOS application, if the guest has a specific and undefined request, you will be able to manually send a message to the bar or the kitchen. Depending on the equipment that you install, your waiters will no longer have to pace to the register.
Using SmartORDER you are able to issue an invoice on the spot, at the guest’s table, on a small wireless ORDERMAN belt printer! This way, the guest, who has finished his consumation, doesn’t need to nervously wait to pay, and your table will be ready for new guests in no time.


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